Now or never: recicle reuse recoat!

Now or never: recicle reuse recoat!

Since our creation, more than 39 years ago, Coatresa has specilaised in renewing of the used coating on baking molds and trays. With our Testrong® coatings, the Coatresa group has positioned itself as the leading innovator in non-stick coatings for industrial baking. Always aligned with our core values, promoting a sustainable business model, in which the environment is at the forefront. By revitalising coating from used parts, three key benefits are achieved:

  • Increase the life of the parts,
  • Reduce waste generation,
  • Optimisation of economic and environmental costs for the bakery.

Thanks to the innovation and research of our R&D department, our coatings offers the highest productivity and durability than any other solutions on the market, making our Testrong® the market leading coating solution.

Because we care about the future

The Coatresa group is committed to a continuous improvement of the production lines, adapting them to the global demands of environmental sustainability.

At Coatresa we care about the future, that's why we prioritise the present to ensure we all have a future.