New line of application with support from FEDER and CDTI

At Coatresa, as pioneers in non-stick coatings for the industrial baking market, we always seek the continuous improvement of our application technology, providing constant innovation in the sector. The goal of our developments are always to improve the service to our customers: speed, quality, performance, durability, etc. We constantly work to achieve excellence.

Our latest innovation

The latest project in which our technical team is immersed in, is the development and implementation of an innovative automated hanging line for the application of coatings specially designed for baking trays.

The project budget totals €261,400.00, and to carry it out we have been granted a CDTI aid co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), through the multi-regional operational program of Spain 2014-2020.

Thanks to this new line, our application of non-stick coatings in industrial pastry and buns will be improved both in quality and speed.

This line will apply our specialised Testrong® coatings for use on baking trays, approved by the largest bakers worldwide.

  • Testrong® ROC: specifically designed for hamburgers and hot dogs; for lines with high productivity and need for anti-adherence.
  • Testrong® Terracota: specially developed for milk bread and pastry trays.

Thanks to our team and CDTI, together with the European Regional Development Fund, the new hanging line will be fully operational from the middle to the end of the year.