OverSpray recovery

recuperación de overspray

At COATRESA Grup we work under continual improvement criteria, so we happily strive to stay up to date. We do it with the possibilities that technical evolution provides us, like the powder or overspray recovery we are announcing today.

Many of the technical antiadherent and anti-corrosive coatings we work with will have a version in powder to be applied under electrostatic projection. During the coating process we will inevitably waste some of the raw material that does not adhere to the piece. This non-used material still preserves its properties and it’s known as overspray. The coatings can be Teflon®, Rilsan®, Resicoat®, Halar®, Hyflon®, Tefzel®, Dyneon®, Kynar®, Neoflon®, or all kinds of ECTFE, ETFE, MFA, FBE, PFA, FEP, or PVDF.

máquina de recuperación de polvo
extracción y recuperación de polvo

We care about the environment with overspray powder recovery

That was the main reason for RETANSA COAT, our technical coating appliers in Vitoria, to incorporate an extraction and recovery machine for powder coatings, which will be able to collect and recover up to 99,9% of the overspray. This new machinery will allow us to collect every different type of polymer thanks to a fast-change technology that avoids mixing different fluoropolymers.

The residue of every technical coating process is treated with the utmost responsibility to ensure it will not suppose an environmental problem. COATRESA Grup is well aware of the damage industrial production can suppose for the environment, and therefore we take responsibility to make all the necessary efforts by avoiding the generation of unneeded residues and we also work with water-based products, much more respectful and easy to manage once used.

Thanks to the new raw-material collection and recovery machinery, we will generate less residues recovering part of the product used during the application process.