We join the Positive Industry

Coatresa joins the Positive Industry

Coatresa has joined the Positive Industry movement recently created and presented at the Amec 2020 Forum held on the 10th November. In this way, the company wants to claim that the industry plays a key role towards a fairer economic system, having a great power of social and economic transformation.

Adaptation to change

In the past months, the company has had to adapt to the new environment, as highlighted by La Vanguardia in its article on decision-making due to the COVID-19. The company kept all the staff during the lockdown and took extreme security measures to be able to continue offering the best technical non-stick coatings for baking to our customers.

Coatresa continues to look for the benefit of all its stakeholders, and although we are still in the internationalization phase, the company continues to act locally. Although it has not been easy, at Coatresa we believe that adapting to change, but above all, putting our human capital first, is what has enabled us to continue growing in times of pandemic.

Positive Industry

Everything explained above is what amec's "Positive Industry" movement stands for, emphasizing the impact of "glocalization" and always looking at the ethical dimension of companies with long-term value creation. Because, as a company, we not only seek to offer the best quality to our customers, but we also want to provide value beyond the business world, with social and ethical solutions. For all these reasons, we join the change.