Participation in “School and Business” programme

escola i empresa

For the last two years, Coatresa has participated in the School and Business programme to bring the world of business closer to schools. Ariadna Marín, Coatresa's General Manager, explains her experience as a director. In that way, she defines the work done by the company in the technical non-stick coating industry, both in the bakery and industrial sectors.

“School and Business" programme

The programme consists of different talks given to secondary school students by various executives in the country. All the speakers are top-level managers and directors in Catalonia, who seek to contribute social and economic initiatives and solutions in the business world.
In this way, Coatresa makes known its long experience in the world of technical non-stick coatings, always seeking continuous improvement and innovation. It is important to transmit to these students that good organisation, investment in R&D and giving value to a specialised team, mean that Coatresa can always offer the best quality to its customers.

Adaptation to change

This week was the first time that Ariadna Marín has given this talk online. It is necessary to take into account the situation we are living in and considerate all the health measures, but it is also important to continue educating and sharing what it has been like to live through the pandemic from a business point of view.
These students are the future businessmen and businesswomen of the country and we believe that from Coatresa we can give value with our experience and journey in the world of non-stick coatings. Furthermore, we share how the company has adapted in the face of such an uncertain scenario and which obstacles we have overcome.
At Coatresa we have always emphasized the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), but in the situation we are currently living we work even more in this field. In this way, we manage the impact that our business activity generates on our workers, clients, communities, and the environment.

Our experience

From the beginning of our participation in this programme, both the schools and the company believe that the dialogue created in the classroom is a very powerful tool for students. Moreover, it is a way to understand the interests of the new generations towards what is happening around them.

Together with other companies in Catalonia, we make it known that the work of businessmen and businesswomen is essential to create a fairer society and thus, train the leaders of the future.