PTFE coating market research by Grand View Research

Global PTFE market has reached an estimated value of 3,465 million in 2012, and is expected to reach 6,440 million by 2020. Regarding geographical distribution, Asia Pacific region will keep being the largest consumer with more than 37% of global consumption of PTFE in 2020. Demand in North America will also experience a significant consumption from 76.8 tons in 2012 to 155.70 tons in 2020.

Finally the report emphasizes relevance of the 4 major producers, which accounted for over 65% of global sales in 2012: DuPont, Solvay, Arkema and 3M.

At Coatresa, we are expert on applying PTFE-based technical coatings from different producers under trademarks like Teflon®, Xylan®, Halar®, Rilsan®, etc. and other non-stick materials like rubber, silicone, EPDM, and other polyurethanes which provide unique solutions to industry.

After over 30 years offering advanced nonstick coating solutions for the industry and thanks to research and innovation of our R&D Department, Coatresa markets the next generation of coatings under the brand Testrong®. Testrong® is a range of last generation non-stick coatings with multiple benefits for bakery manufacturers: cost savings, higher performance, product quality, etc.