Automechanika 2014, a reference for the automotive industry

Automotive industry presented Automechanika 2014, leading international trade show for automotive industry in Spain. This event is the result of a strong sectorial engagement of companies and institutions, oriented to highlight the value of Spanish industry of components, equipment and services. This sector is highly competitive, innovative and committed to exporting their products.

Non-stick and anticorrosive coatings for the automotive industry

Coatresa is specialized in the application of anti-corrosive and non-stick coatings for different types of business industries. In particular we have specific solutions for the automotive industry.

In Coatresa we offer technical coatings for the automotive industry with benefits such as:

• Elimination of liquid lubricants (greases, oils, etc.).
• Removal / replacement of coatings with Cr6 +.
• Increased duration of the component / mechanism for corrosion protection.
• Optimization of mechanisms’ performance.

At Coatresa, thanks to our commitment to serve the industry with new techniques for fluoropolymer-based coatings, we are always offering innovative products to the market.

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