TV report on Coatresa partner CSR

Bakery Sector Corporative Group HARICANA, which includes COATRESA partner CSR Company, receives TV professionals to broadcast a day in its facilities.
CSR provides nonstick solutions to Canary Islands industrial bakeries through the application of Teflon® coatings on molds and trays.
COATRESA has a long experience in Teflon® coatings on bakeware. We offer Testrong® systems, specific technical coatings to the industry.
The benefits offered by our technical coatings are:

  • Elimination of release agents (grease, oils, etc.)
  • Reduction of rejects because of dough adherence to mould
  • Anticorrosive protection of the mould in dough fermentation areas
  • Elimination of cleaning time
  • Optimization of dough transport/dosage
  • Reduction of maintenance of automatic lines.

Click on the following link to watch the video: