Baking Tray Silicone Coating


In order to make the baking trays non-stick, we can use what is called silicone rubbers or silicones. The process of applying these silicones to bakery trays is known as silicone coating. At Coatresa we guarantee the quality and the correct application, always looking for the best result for our customers.
Thanks to silicone coating, companies can save on release agent, since food that is baked on coated trays does not stick to the surface, and therefore, can be released much better. This also makes the cleaning of the pieces better and they are preserved and maintained for much longer.
At Coatresa we are committed to offering you the best solution for your business, guaranteeing the best application and coating.

Silicone coating for bakery trays
Silicone bakery tray
Silicone bakery tray
Silicone resin coated tray
Ribbed tray with rubber
Ribbed bakery tray with rubber