Simatex 2012

Simatex exhibition brings together every two years technology producers for textile machinery from all over the world. The exhibition covers all types of textile machinery, equipment and services: dyeing, finishing, spinning, knitting and drawing, printing, chemicals and more.

Our supplier Kluber, specialized in lubricants for all industrial sectors, will participate with its range of fluorated products for any point of friction in the textile industry.

At Coatresa we apply technical coatings for textile industry. The low coefficient of friction of our coatings enables a smooth movement, contributes to a higher energetic efficiency and reduces maintenance time.

At Coatresa, with more than 25 years of experience in the coating application sector, we provide service to textile industry, offering optimal solutions based on fluoropolymers which, among other things, help to prevent runs from forming in the fabric, to prevent residue accumulation on drying drums table ends, to optimize raw material transport/dosage, to enhance cycle time reduction, etc.