Testrong® ROC

Propiedades antiadherentes

Testrong® ROC is an exclusive coating, developed by Coatresa,sl.

Testrong® ROC is a multilayer based on fluorinated polymers that generates a waterproof film. Due to its chemical uniqueness, it offers excellent non-stick properties as well as excellent resistance to a large number of chemical agents.
Testrong® ROC coatings were specifically designed to:

Non-stick properties: The low surface energy of this coating prevents many substances from adhering to it.

Low friction coefficient: Friction coefficient between 0.05 and 0.20 depending on the weight applied to the part and the sliding speed.

Thermal resistance: This system can be used in applications that require resistance to very high temperatures. They can be subjected to 290ºC with adequate ventilation, thanks to the bonding force between the atoms that form the polymer.

Abrasion resistance: this coating offers good resistance to abrasion. In internal laboratory tests, it exceeds 3 tests of 5000 cycles each at 185ºC.

Impermeability: These coatings have hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. They are easy to clean and more efficient than others, and in most cases self-cleaning.

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