Testrong® Pyros

testrong pyros

The Testrong® Pyros coating is exclusive to Coatresa Group.

Testrong® Pyros is a multilayer system based on fluorinated polymers that generates a film with low porosity. Due to its unique chemical nature, it provides us with excellent anti-adherence, thermal resistance and corrosion resistance properties, specific for the industrial baking sector.

NON-STICK PROPERTIES: The low surface energy of this system prevents the adherence of a large number of substances on the coating.

THERMAL RESISTANCE: This system can be used in applications that require resistance to very high temperatures. They can be subjected to peaks of 290ºC and work continuously at 275ºC, thanks to the bonding force between the atoms that make up the polymer.

RESISTANCE TO ABRASION: This system has good resistance to abrasion. In laboratory tests with internal tests, it satisfactorily passes the stress tests.

WATERPROOFING: Thanks to the configuration of the multilayer system, as well as the properties of each one of the layers individually, very good water vapor impermeability results are obtained in an internal test. After 100 hours of direct contact with water at its boiling temperature, no defects are observed in the area analyzed, blisters (bubbles) or oxidation or discoloration of the area tested do not appear.

CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Testrong® Pyros exhibits excellent results with solvents and other chemical products.

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