Presentation of a New Teflon® Coating at Ambiente 2017

Annual fair Ambiente will open its doors next February 10th to welcome both worldwide exhibitors and visitors. Companies such as Whitford or Weilburger will exhibit again, as well as Chemours, presenting a new Teflon® coating.

Presentation of new non-stick coatings

Chemours, global leader in polymer production, will present new developments concerning its proven high-quality nonstick Teflon® coatings for cooking and baking. However, the relevance of its presence at Ambiente 2017 is the premiere of a premium and innovative non-stick coating for pots and pans.

On the other hand, Weilburger will also present two new nonstick coatings:

  • Greblon® CK2 laser, the first inner nonstick ceramic coating that can be customized by means of laser technology.
  • Greblon® C3 + Peek, considered as the strongest coating system of the company. This is a more durable solution for cookware, a new benchmark for abrasion resistance.

Regarding Whitford, which in the latest edition presented 5 new coatings, will present new developments related to new coatings and the traditional ones for cookware and small appliances.

Ambiente 2017, a great opportunity

Ambiente, a unique opportunity for companies around the world
With more than 136,000 professional visitors and more than 4,386 exhibitors in 2016, the international fair Ambiente is a must for coating professionals, as this is the scenario where they present their latest trends in design and innovation and new product ideas.

In addition, Ambiente is a unique opportunity to have a global and firsthand vision of the market and a wide range of unique products.