Whitford Offers New Colour Range for its Non-Stick Coatings

Whitford offers kitchenware and cookware industries a new range of colours for non-stick coatings since the beginning of the year. Coatresa is "Quality Approved Coater" in Spain for Whitford, one of the leading manufacturers in the sector. There are twelve new colours. Among them, Moon Rock and Etruscan Red can be found; they are mainly applied to three types of coatings:

  • non-stick PTFE interiors
  • sol-gel ceramic interiors
  • decorative exteriors

Colours inspired by popular iPhone®

Moreover, Whitford has also developed four new colours inspired by popular iPhone® range: Champagne Gold, Silver, Earl Grey and Rose Gold.

For further information about the new range of colors marketed by Whitford you can check the following link: Whitford or contact us and we will inform you.