Diamond Sparkle Colors by Whitford

Whitford adds four new colours to its QuanTanium® nonstick coating range called "Diamond Sparkle". Coatresa, a nonstick coating specialist, is Whitford's "Quality Approved Coater" for Spain. This new range presents bright colours resulting from a unique formula which is made up of highly reflective and mirrored ingredients allowing a lively appearance to cookware at the sales point.

The new colours are: blue diamond luxury, gold diamond luxury, red diamond luxury and silver diamond luxury. These new coatings offer all advantages of QuanTanium®, which Whitford considers one of its most fruitful and attractive products. These new colours also feature a special titanium reinforcement that extends coating life.

Whitford, expert in fluoropolymer coatings

Whitford manufactures the most complete fluoropolymer coating range in the world. Whitford's headquarters, warehouses and distributors are present in the main markets around the world. Moreover, eight of its headquarters host laboratories working daily on coating range improvements.

For further information about Whitford's nonstick coatings, you can contact Coatresa sales department.