Evolution of chemical industry sector in 2013 by Feique

The Spanish Business Federation of Chemical Industry (Feique) has presented the balance of the sector situation in 2013. In general terms, the sector has had almost flat growth from the previous year.

Spanish chemical sector is comprised of over 3,000 companies, 96% of which are SMEs and currently generates about 500,000 direct, indirect and related jobs. Also, this sector currently generates 11% of Industrial GDP and is the second largest export sector of the Spanish economy in 2013, registering sales of over 30,000 million Euros in international markets which represent over 55% of its production.

Coatresa is specialized in the application of anti-corrosive and non-stick coatings for different types of industries. In particular we have specific solutions for the chemical industry.

At Coatresa we offer technical coatings for the chemical industry with benefits such as:

Elimination/substitution of expensive metals (hastelloy, stainless steel, etc.) for ironElimination of product rejects due to adhesion to reactor/depositOptimization of raw material transport/dosageMaintenance reduction
In Coatresa, thanks to our commitment to serve the industry with new techniques of fluoropolymer based coatings, we always offer innovative products to the market.