Bakery and confectionery industries growth

According to a recent report published by DBK, market for bakery and confectionery industries in Spain showed a 1.6% growth in 2012, reaching a value of 3,430 million Euros.

DBK is the first Spanish company specialized in the elaboration of sectorial analysis and competition studies. DBK’s study on industrial baking and confectionery covers the activity of 200 companies in such a sector. The study, based on primary information from leading companies, explores recent developments and industry trends, key business success factors, short and medium term estimations, opportunities and threats to be faced in the coming years, and analyzes the marketing mix of the most prominent operators.

The market for bakery and confectionery industries keeps a "moderate growth" trend with a sales increase in Spain of 1.2% in 2012, an expected increase of 1% for 2013 and between 2% and 3% for 2014.
DBK also foresees an acceleration of a growth in export of up to 541 million Euros, after an increase of 11% in 2012. This study highlights the strong concentration of supply with five major operators which account for 50% of the whole market, a trend that is accentuated in the pastry, cake and biscuit segments.

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Source : Expansion