Possible sale of DuPont Performance Chemicals Unit

According to Plastic News, chemicals giant DuPont is considering the sale of part or all of its Performance Chemicals Unit, including the firm's Teflon-brand fluoropolymer and Ti-Pure brand titanium dioxide businesses. Dupont is considering different strategic alternatives that may include separation of each of these businesses from the company through a in new company, sale or other transaction.

The Performance Chemicals Unit has suffered greatly during 2013, despite of being the second most important business of the group, based on sales. In the second quarter of the year, sales decreased by 9% compared to 2012, while operating profit decreased by 56%.

Dupont manufactures high performance liquid and powder coatings for engine component manufacturers, for the aftermarket, and also for other industrial applications such as pipes and insulators. Teflon brand has a strong recognition in the industrial coating industry, while the whitener TiO2 is commonly used in plastics and other products.

COATRESA is a DuPont Licensed Industrial Applicator (LIA) in Spain. Teflon® coatings stand out for their high non-stick property as well as for their exceptional resistance to corrosion.

Source: Plastic News