COATRESA Celebrates Family Day 2016

At COATRESA we celebrated our first COATRESA Family Day in our Barcelona facilities for non-stick coatings last Sunday 12th June 2016.

COATRESA wished to thank workers’ effort and support opening its doors to their families. At COATRESA we know that we spend most of our time at our workplace, but we don’t forget that family is the main responsible for our well-being; this is why we wished for both parts to come together and have a nice and relaxed day.

Visit to the workplace

In the morning we showed both surface treatment & coating application plants and headquarters with some guided tours and brief explanations of our activity. Each worker could show his/her workplace and introduce his/her family to colleagues.

Relaxed moments

After the tours, we gathered at a local restaurant where we could enjoy of a relaxed meal in a summery weather. COATRESA wanted to spoil the little ones and organized both meal and activities especially for them, while adults could let them do their own thing thank to a group of great coaches. The absolute stars were two huge bouncy houses which caused delight (and exhaustion) to children, together with other activities.

During the meal, COATRESA Managers thanked all the staff for attending their first successful Family Day and wanted also to honor a senior worker, who is retiring later this year, offering him a present and pronouncing very emotive words.

We hope that COATRESA can celebrate many more Family Days in the future thanks to daily effort and courage from our workers. Thank you all for making it a complete success!!!