Donation to Proactiva Open Arms

For some years now, Coatresa has been offering its workers the option of coating their pans with technical non-stick coatings. In this way, with the recovery of the non-stick coating, funds are raised to make a donation to an NGO of the employees' choice; and at the same time, they have their pans covered with the best non-stick coatings.

Solidarity Project

With the money raised by this service, at the end of the year the employees themselves propose and decide to which NGO allocate this money to. After receiving several proposals, the winning NGO was Proactiva Open Arms.
This NGO is dedicated to the rescue of migrants trying to reach the European coasts via the Mediterranean Sea. With the different donations they receive, they invest it in professional captains, doctors, and lifeguard teams on board as well as financing the maintenance of the boat. In addition, this year they have also collaborated with old people's homes and health centres offering help during the current pandemic.
At Coatresa, we are happy to be able to help and contribute to creating a better society.

Beyond a donation

We are proud to know that thanks to the work we do in applying technical non-stick coatings, we can help institutions that perform such important tasks and thus help those who need it the most.
In this way, we not only seek to make a simple donation, but also to bring value beyond the business world..

Because for us, giving is not about making a donation. It is about making a difference.