New plant

New plant

During the last quarter of 2020, Coatresa began the move to the new plant where it will unify all its production lines. The Testrong ® coatings division, non-stick coatings for baking, is now fully installed thanks to the human effort of all the staff. The involvement and dedication of the workers has made it possible to move all the lines without affecting the service to our customers.
We continue working and giving the best service of technical non-stick coatings in the market. In addition, with this warehouse we are taking a great step to continue growing alongside our customers and collaborators.

Atypical Christmas celebration

Despite this year's uncertainty with the global pandemic and the relocation of the bakery area, Coatresa's performance has not been affected.
For this reason, at Christmas, the company's Management wanted to thank the company for all its efforts and dedication with a detail. Following all the safety measures as always, all the workers gathered outside the new building, with a mask and distance. Despite the exceptionality of this year and not being able to celebrate Christmas as usual, the company did not want to fail to congratulate the work well done.

Future of Coatresa in the new plant

At Coatresa, we continue to work to speed up the transfer and continue the pace of production.
We are sure that this dedication will make us continue to grow within the technical non-stick coating sector.
We are looking forward to showing more details of the new facilities and celebrating this new stage together.