COATRESA innovates with new coating for bakery

recubrimientos para panificación

We are working on the presentation of a new revolutionary product as a high quality non-stick coating system for industrial bakery. With this new coating, we will extend useful life of bakeware, which is essential for productivity in any bakery. This coating Will deliver a better resistance to permeation of certain bread ingredients and performance of coating will increase 50-100%.

Benefits for bakers

The most important benefits for bakers, besides the abovementioned savings, are:

  • Less rejects and therefore more productive capacity thanks to the excellent release performance of the revolutionary coating system
  • Less maintenance costs, as coating is very high performing
  • Coating versatile use, obtaining very good results with a wide product range (loaf bread, baked goods with egg/chocolate, etc.)
  • It can be applied on a wide range of geometric shapes (flat tray, deep drawn pans, etc.)

With this new coating system for bakery, we keep on our innovation and quality path.
We will keep informing on the launch of this new coating during the next months that we will be presenting at IBA Munich 2018 tradeshow!