Constant innovation in non-stick coatings

Innovation in non-stick coatings

Coatresa is constantly innovating in technical non-stick coatings to always offer the best demoulding solutions to our customers. For us, it is very important to understand the needs of the market and thanks to our own laboratory, we are continuously increasing our know-how.

New development

Non-sticking, through the hydrophobic characteristic of our Testrong ® systems, is one of the main and most important characteristics of our coatings. It is for this reason that Coatresa is developing a new coating with which the protein-based glazing detaches more easily and efficiently. Therefore, this coating is highly recommended for food trays that use this ingredient, such as hamburger bread or milk bread. This will help the demoulding of the products as the sticking rejection of the product is reduced. This will optimise production and improve quality, as the trays are cleaner when they pass through the tunnel washers.
To demonstrate the non-stick properties of the new coating, a study has been carried out comparing the standard solution on the market and the new Testrong® development. The study consisted of applying protein-based glazing to all coatings, heating them in the muffle and performing a partial cleaning followed by a total cleaning. After 10 cycles, a comparison was made with images, showing the improvement thanks to the new development.
As can be seen in the photographs, the new development that Coatresa is working with offers more non-stick properties than the market standard. In this way we seek to offer our customers the best solution for each of their projects, improving the efficiency of their production.

Future and innovation

As we have already informed on some occasions, during this year we will move to the new headquarters, where we will expand our laboratory. Thanks to these facilities and the human capital of Coatresa, we want to continue increasing our knowledge and experience in the sector. We hope to be able to continue innovating and offering the best non-stick and anti-corrosion solutions on the market.