Retansa Coat cooperates with then NGO Aspanafoa

Retansa Coat collaborates with the NGO ASPANAFOA

RETANSA COAT, located at the north of Spain, is a fundamental part of the COATRESA Group. Thanks to their extensive experience not only applying technical antiadherent coatings for kitchenware or food approved coatings, but also as technical applicators for anticorrosive or dry lubrication coatings, they have become a key company for both their capacity and quality of work and their great knowledge of the sector.

We start a raising program to solidarize with a good cause

We firmly believe in the importance of giving aid to solidary causes in order to help those in need, therefore, during the past year RETANSA COAT raised 1.800 euros and they decided to give that sum to the NGO ASPANAFOA.

ASPANAFOA started up in 1990 as a Parents Association with children suffering from leukaemia at the Txagorritu Hospital in Alava, with the aim to help improve the quality of life of those kids and their families. In 1997 ASPANAFOA created UMEEKIN (Basque Federation of Associations for parents with children affected by cancer) alongside the associations in Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa.
We trust the donation from RETANSA COAT will be of great help to those kids and their families.

Retansa Coat colabora con ASPANAFOA

Ready for next collaborations

Seeing how successful and satisfactory this cooperation resulted, in order to being able to help those who need more our aid, we will keep on working to create new opportunities such as this one. Meanwhile, in COATRESA Group we will continue to provide the best solutions on industrial technical coatings.