forum AMEC 2019 with the presence of Coatresa Group

forum amec 2019 Megatrends

We have visited the FORUM AMEC 2019 edition where new competitivity scenarios were analysed. The technological revolution, geopolitical changes, the research towards a sustainable development or the social impact of corporate activities are some of the most important factors to consider when planning the future of each business.

Empresa 2030 Megatrends

At COATRESA Group, we are expert coaters for the industry with presence internationally, therefore we paid special interest on the tendencies explained by AMEC at the fòrum Empresa 2030 Megatrends. We like being part of a round table where we could tackle topics and discussions such as future scenarios from the point of view of leading companies in their sectors, or the internationalization of industrial companies.


Precisely when speaking of the future, we appreciate the importance of a good environmental management, so sustainability is a key factor we paid special attention to during the event of #ForumAmec2019.

At Coatresa Grup we keep on working and fully motivated towards the future and the continual improvement.