Spanish graphic arts and printing industry recovery

Sectorial business meeting Graphispag was held in Madrid last July. Associations, suppliers, entrepreneurs and professionals of different specialties of the graphic arts industry were present in the event.

The venue for the event was the headquarters of both FEIGRAF and AGM, where participants discussed the current situation and opportunities of a sector searching for ways to reinvent itself against digital competition and carrying out a deep restructuration to end up strengthened after the crisis. After six years of economic crisis and deep sectorial transformation, Spanish graphic arts industry begins to recover and looks for innovative ideas and value-added products to undertake new investments in technology where the graphic sector has good growth prospects.

Spanish graphic arts industry is made up of over 9,300 companies and currently generates about 103,000 direct jobs according to 2012 INE data. In the same year a turnover of 18,300 million euros was generated.
Coatresa is specialized in the application of non-stick and anti-corrosion coatings for different types of business industries. In particular we have specific solutions for the graphic arts industry.

In Coatresa we offer technical coatings for the graphic arts industry with benefits such as:

Cycle time reduction in changing coloursElimination of product rejects (ink) because of adhesion to mouldOptimization of product (ink) transport/dosageReduction of deposit/tray cleaning timeSavings in chemical clearing product (solvents)In Coatresa, thanks to our commitment to serve the industry with new techniques of fluoropolymer based coatings, we always offer innovative products to the market.