arenadora automática para las nuevas instalaciones de Coatresa

New sandblasting machine for Coatresa's upcoming HQ

As construction works advance, we can catch a glimpse of the premises COATRESA Grup purchased to create the new Head Quarters. The last novelty has been the setting-up of an automated sandblasting machine of high production capacity.

As experts in the application of antiadherent coatings, we know the value of a good surface preparation and the cleaning and scaling of the oxide and debris most pieces require, being the sandblasting process a vital part in the application of Teflon® and Xylan® based coatings. Either the sandblasting process with corundum for certain pieces needing their rust removed, or generating the rugosity we need to ensure the best adherence of the following coating process, the new automated sandblasting machine will be of great help to provide the best service to our customers with the most demanding quality standards and being as always, extremely time efficient.

Automated and adjustable sandblaster

The current market requirements pushed us to maximize the possibilities so to adapt not only to the treatment of smaller parts, but also the treatment of large industrial pieces. Thanks to the adaptability of the new sandblaster we will be able to adjust the projection of abrasive particles on parts of metal and other substrates, regardless of their size and roughness requirements.

COATRESA Grup continues to aim our efforts towards the application of the best technical coatings whilst guaranteeing the highest quality in the market.