Chemours: new subsidiary of DuPont

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DuPont announced the merger of DuPont Titanium Technologies and DuPont Chemicals & Fluoroproducts to create Chemours Company, a 100% owned subsidiary of DuPont. It is expected that the company name will be “Chemours” to be mid-2015. Coatresa remains as Licensed Industrial Applicator (LIA) of DuPont in Spain. Multinational DuPont is one of the main players […]

Spanish graphic arts and printing industry recovery

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Sectorial business meeting Graphispag was held in Madrid last July. Associations, suppliers, entrepreneurs and professionals of different specialties of the graphic arts industry were present in the event. The venue for the event was the headquarters of both FEIGRAF and AGM, where participants discussed the current situation and opportunities of a sector searching for ways […]

Latest data on the evolution of the Spanish textile sector

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The Information Centre for Textile and Clothing Industry (Cityc) has published the latest data for Spanish international trade on the textile sector. Spanish textile and clothing exports summoned 5.032 million euros between January and May 2014, featuring a 5.6% increase compared to the same period of the previous year. However, the biggest imports increase during […]

Evolution of chemical industry sector in 2013 by Feique

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The Spanish Business Federation of Chemical Industry (Feique) has presented the balance of the sector situation in 2013. In general terms, the sector has had almost flat growth from the previous year. Spanish chemical sector is comprised of over 3,000 companies, 96% of which are SMEs and currently generates about 500,000 direct, indirect and related […]

PTFE coating market research by Grand View Research

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Global PTFE market has reached an estimated value of 3,465 million in 2012, and is expected to reach 6,440 million by 2020. Regarding geographical distribution, Asia Pacific region will keep being the largest consumer with more than 37% of global consumption of PTFE in 2020. Demand in North America will also experience a significant consumption […]

Expansion of PTFE coatings

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Chemist Roy Plunkett accidentally discovered PTFE in 1983, while trying to create a new chlorofluorocarbon based refrigerant. Plunkett worked as a chemist in Dupont Company and this new material was named Teflon®. This new PTFE material (polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE) from Dupont changed the way many products were manufactured. This new material was found to be chemically […]

Arkema show k2013

Arkema presents its latest innovations at K 2013

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Our supplier Arkema participated in K 2013 featuring its latest innovations in fluoropolymers. Arkema is a French company specialized in manufacturing high-performance raw materials for different industries. After three years in a row, Arkema is among the top 100 most innovative worldwide companies and organizations published by Thomson Reuters. Arkema product range includes the following […]

Bakery and confectionery industries growth

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According to a recent report published by DBK, market for bakery and confectionery industries in Spain showed a 1.6% growth in 2012, reaching a value of 3,430 million Euros. DBK is the first Spanish company specialized in the elaboration of sectorial analysis and competition studies. DBK’s study on industrial baking and confectionery covers the activity […]

Possible sale of DuPont Performance Chemicals Unit

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According to Plastic News, chemicals giant DuPont is considering the sale of part or all of its Performance Chemicals Unit, including the firm’s Teflon-brand fluoropolymer and Ti-Pure brand titanium dioxide businesses. Dupont is considering different strategic alternatives that may include separation of each of these businesses from the company through a in new company, sale […]