Whitford at Ambiente 2016 fair

Whitford, the coating manufacturer with the most complete line in the world, presented at Ambiente trade show five new non-coatings for cookware and bakeware last February 2016 in Frankfurt. Coatresa is Whitford’s ‘Quality Approved Coater’ for Spain. The new products and their improvements are:

  • Tetran®: new Tetran, for rice cookers, improves non-stick coating life up to six times. It also offers an excellent adhesion and flexibility
  • Eterna® Si: created for bakeware in which high-sugar-content cakes and muffins are baked, this new coating provides a longer life than the one previously observed in conventional bakeware
  • Eclipse® HB (High Build): it is an improvement on the previous Eclipse coating Whitford launched several years ago. It lasts 3 times longer compared to other coatings
  • Fusion® HR (High Release): a significant improvement in ceramic coatings. New Fusion HR lasts up to 12 times longer than standard sol-gel coatings offering a durability previously thought to be unattainable in this field
  • Skandia® Xtreme Plus: new Skandia means a major breakthrough for bakeware non-stick coatings besides providing a consistent migration performance. Skandia® Xtreme Plus passes the migration test even at 12 microns