PFAS free anti-corrosive coatings

Corrosion-resistant metals are a pricey solution with many well-known alternatives within the chemical and water purification industry.

The application of corrosion protective coatings on simpler metals is an excellent alternative to the costly metals used otherwise. Butterfly valves, reactors, tanks, and other parts made of metals such as Hastelloy or super duplex, benefit from great durability but the cost is often too high, therefore, a technical coating such as ECTFE, PA11, or FBE (all of them PFAS free anticorrosive coatings) is the preferred choice for many oil&gas, water potabilization or chemical industry companies worldwide.

Upon applying a 300-800 micron layer of a chemical corrosion protective coating, the metal part is protected against corrosion attacks with excellent durability when exposed to chemicals such as acids, saline, and dirt solids in dispersion.