In Coatresa, we're experts in applying technical non-stick and anticorrosive coatings for the food industry, as well as the automation, pharma, and oil & gas ones (among others). Through the correct application of each coating, we are able to expand the life of the industrial parts we work with. At the same time, the industrial process gets to be optimized, achieving better results in the final product.

The term "Teflonated" is used to describe in a general way those parts whose coating is based on Teflon® or other coating brands. Some examples within the industrial sector include Cerakote, Arkema, PPG (Marine Coatings) (among others) for which we are official applicators. Some other examples regarding the bakeware industry would be our Testrong® Coatings, which are always in constant development in order to adapt each coating to the properties of the final product.