Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility - Coatresa

The term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has burst into the business world in the recent years. At Coatresa we see it as a way of acting in accordance with our ethical principles. We take care of our workers, who are the most valuable asset of the company, in the same way that we take care of the planet, minimising the impact on the environment.

At Coatresa we always think about the possible impact of our actions on society, being aware that every action has its consequences. In this way, we seek to find a balance in the impact we can cause both on our clients and workers, as well as on society and the environment.

People and Companies

Regarding the people CSR branch, at Coatresa we take care of our employees to create a good working environment with the best conditions. We know that thanks to our employees, we can always offer the best quality in technical non-stick coatings.

To go one step further and contribute to the improvement of society, we participate in training programmes, such as “FP Dual”. Currently, in our laboratory and R&D area, there are two students who are studying the Higher-Level Certificate "Laboratory analysis and Quality Control".

We have been participating in this programme for years, as we believe it is a great initiative to train young talents. We want them to learn and absorb as much knowledge as possible to contribute to their personal and professional growth. In some cases, these students have ended up forming part of our staff, contributing great knowledge and proactivity.

FP Dual - Coatresa

Why Corporate Social Responsibility?

At Coatresa we believe that all actions within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility generate a great return for the company. This Higher-Level certificate students end up being great connoisseurs and experts in technical non-stick coatings, increasing our know-how. In this way we encourage and accompany these students in their growth, contributing as much as we can to their training.