Amec Talent Commission

Talent Commission Amec - Coatresa

Coatresa is proud to announce that our General Manager, Ariadna Marín, is the new president of the Amec Talent Commission. In addition, she also becomes a member of Amec's board of directors.

Amec, the Association of Internationalised Industrial Companies, is a meeting point for companies with an international and innovative vocation. The association promotes and facilitates the internationalisation and innovation of these companies.

The new Talent Commission is made up of 13 members of the Amec community and was created as a result of the networking group created in June 2020. Thanks to this committee, experiences are exchanged in the areas of talent recruitment and the relationship between people and companies.

Coatresa and talent

At Coatresa we know that it is thanks to the talent in our company that we can always offer the best service. That is why we are proud to be part of this commission that highlights the human capital of companies. During the committee's meetings, topics that are currently very present in industrial companies are discussed:

  • Generational change
  • Employer branding and talent retention
  • Leadership and leadership training
  • Soft skills and attracting technical talent

Goal of the Talent Commission

The aim of these talks is to help the whole community with their own experiences, providing information and resources to all Amec members. In addition, we discuss HR trends and try to advance the future evolution of work.

We would like to highlight the participation in the last meeting, which emphasized how the pandemic has affected companies. Concern was expressed about the mobilisation of staff abroad and how the situation is being managed by the company and HR. Even so, all members agreed that the incidence of cases is falling and believe that this can help recovery.

From Coatresa, as experts in non-stick coatings and with Ariadna Marín as spokesperson, we hope to continue contributing with our experience to the Talent Commission.