Article in La Vanguardia: COVID-19 & adjusting to change

La Vanguardia

Last Monday 13th of April we were mentioned on an article in La Vanguardia newspaper, sharing how we are facing the COVID-19 crisis. All sorts of companies have had to put together a series of measures in order to ease the consequences of the Coronavirus. As explained on the article, different measures have been applied depending on the characteristics of each company, with a common goal being getting over this pandemic the healthiest possible way, not only at a personal level, but also at a professional level.

Adjusting to change

Depending on the characteristics of each company, the measures vary. Some see themselves forced to cease their activity whilst some others can go on with very little change. Many of them have kept on offering their services in a way or another, for instance, some fitness centres that were unable to open their doors, have put to the disposition of their customers some videos through their web pages so they can exercise at home.

Some other companies within the food industry must keep on working so to provide their production and services. Those companies have adjusted to change guaranteeing a safe environment for their workers so the production is also ensured.

Coatresa’s measures

Coatresa offers services to food industry, therefore we need to continue applying our antiadherent coatings on bread moulds, besides ensuring a continuity for the production of those moulds. To guarantee the safekeeping of our employees, additional protection measures have been implemented; we adopted a flexible working scheduled, limited the number of employees per shift and the quantity of people to enter a certain area, thus increasing the distance amongst workers. Our adjustment to change has made us become even neater in our health and safety measures.

Future new ways

The Coronavirus pandemic has triggered plenty of new changes and needs for adaptation, and many of them will not be temporary. As explained on Roadmaps for entrepreneurial action on crisis and pandemic times by la Salle Innova Institute, with this crisis many changes on our way of working will come along:

  • The production chain will become more local
  • Contagion prevention measures in the workspace will increase
  • Sales strategies will be more digital
  • Telecommuting will grow