PRAIMER participates in FORLAC

PRAIMER participa en FORLAC

During May 23rd, 24th and 25th, PRAIMER, our subsidiary in Brazil, participated for the first time in FORLAC, one of the largest dairy industry fairs.

The event annually brings together dairy producers, suppliers and industry experts to showcase their products and engage in discussions about innovations and sector trends.

Presentation of our Testrong® non-stick coatings

As experts in the application of non-stick and anticorrosive coatings, at FORLAC we showcased a wide range of innovations with a primary focus on non-stick coatings for cheese machinery.

Through the application of these coatings, our clients already enjoy significant advantages such as efficient cleaning, as our non-stick coatings facilitate Machine sanitation, minimizing the accumulation of cheese residues, resulting in time and effort savings.

Also, through the application of our Testrong® Coatings, the product is smoothly released, which prevents breakage or deformation. This positively impacts the ability to achieve higher product quality, as preserving its integrity ensures the preservation of texture and flavor.

In addition, our coatings are manufactured to be durable and resistant to the demands of the dairy industry, ensuring their extended lifespan.

Besides, they comply with food safety standards, making them suitable to be used in the industry.

At Coatresa, we constantly work with the aim of providing innovative solutions that drive efficiency and success in our clients’ production processes.