Teflon coating rollers

Teflonado rodillos

When certain adherent materials pass through rollers, they can become a problem when sticking to the roller and even leaving some debris and sticky residues on the roller, forcing to stop for maintenance and lowering the production capacity. Regardless the type of roller or calender, a technical coating can help improve the performance and life of the part.
Teflon coating for rollers is a long-lasting solution ideal to avoid wasting material when production needs to be stopped for maintenance, and at COATRESA Grup we will be happy to assess on the best type of Teflon coating for rollers depending on the type of production. To provide protection against abrasion and anti-adherence, the Teflon coating is the ideal solution for every production need.

Teflonado rodillos
Teflonado verde de rodillos
Teflonado de rodillos
Teflon verde líquido
Troquel industrial para galletas
Teflon roll
Green Teflon roll