Teflon material (PTFE)

Teflon material (PTFE)

What is PTFE?


PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), also known as Teflon ™, is a fluoropolymer with the lowest coefficient of friction and high temperature resistance. It exhibits a linear unbranched and partially crystalline structure.

Manufactured by DuPont Company, Teflon material (PTFE)  is a thermoplastic belonging to the class of polyhalogenolefins. Due to its chemical inertness, it is commonly used as an anti-corrosion coating.

In the field of sealing technology, PTFE is widely used as a basic compound in various applications, as well as in the chemical industry as a coating material. Its low friction makes it an effective dry lubricant.


What are the characteristics of Teflon material (PTFE)?


The main characteristic of PTFE is its chemical inertness, which allows it to be practically inert and resistant to reaction with other substances. This is due to the protection provided by the fluorine atoms in its molecular structure. In addition to its low coefficient of friction and high impermeability, it retains its properties even in humid environments.
This material is an excellent electrical insulator, highly flexible and light-resistant, capable of withstanding extreme temperatures ranging from -270 °C to 270 °C. Its best known characteristic is its non-stick properties.

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Teflon material (PTFE)
Teflon material (PTFE)
Teflon material
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