Antiadherent coating


An antiadherent coating is a surface treatment of parts that improves their properties and makes them more non-stick. In this way, the production process is improved, as the whole product is used and production is maximised.
For this reason, to prevent sticky elements from remaining on the surface, we can use different types of release agents. The most durable and effective is a Teflon-type non-stick coating or covering. Other coatings, such as silicone, are also a very good solution for providing non-sticking to trays, rollers or moulds. These coatings are used both in the food sector and in the paper, plastic or textile production industries.
Depending on the needs and requirements of each production process, different types of coating can be made. In any case, from COATRESA Grup, we can advise and apply the most effective solution to improve the productive process avoiding the use of release agents.

PTFE Pewter