Teflon properties


Teflon is a type of PTFE, i.e. a hydrophobic and oleophobic technical coating. It is mainly used to provide anti-adherence on moulds for the manufacture of rubbers, rubbers and other adherent elements. On the other hand, it is also used on surfaces for the preparation and cooking of food, especially in baking. Thanks to scientific research, PTFE has evolved to provide new solutions and uses for industry. In addition to its non-stick properties, some types of Teflon also provide excellent protection against corrosion, such as in valves and agitators in the chemical sector. Other varieties of technical coating with PTFE can serve as dry lubrication to replace lubricating greases or oils in gears, chains or automotive fasteners.
At Coatresa we are authorised applicators of Teflon and, thanks to its properties, we are always looking for the best non-stick solutions for our customers.

Green teflon calender
thermal mold
green teflon gag
Plasma coating